Pantry Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who qualifies to receive donated food?
    • Your agency must provide a 501c3 and/or tax id and must have the ability to safely receive food donations.
  2. How does the donor match with the pantry?
    • While setting up your profile, you will specify receiving hours, type and quantities of food your agency is capable of receiving. Once a donor posts a donation, the application will match the available food with the agency profile that is the best fit.
  3. How far would the donations be traveling?
    • Delivery times and temperatures are critical elements of food safety. Our goal is to keep the travel time to a minimum especially when taking into account Southern California traffic.
  4. What if the pantry cannot take donations for a certain amount of time?
    • You MUST name your pantry as INACTIVE until you are ready to receive donations again. Unless you are inactive, donations will still be matching with your agency and food runners will be dispatched to your location endangering the food donation to become wasted.
  5. Can we set a minimum donation?
    • We ask our donors to donate a minimum of 10 meals/pounds for each food donation.
  6. Can we specify what kind of food we prefer to take?
    • Yes, you may specify what food you can and cannot take while setting up your agencies individual profile.
  7. Can we pick donations up on our own if no food runner can make it?
    • Absolutely, your agency’s volunteers will be signed up as Food Runners for the express purpose of supplying your agency. WNOC will provide them with food safety training and food recovery materials.
  8. What if no one is there to receive the food at the agency?
    • It is important that the agency keep their profile up to date, which includes hours of operation and any vacation schedules. This ensures that a food donation is matched with your agency when you are available to receive the food.
  9. What are the reporting requirements and how can we access them?
    • Each donation you receive is recorded on the application. These reports are available through your online account.
  10. What are the steps that need to be taken after the food is dropped off?
    • After the food donation is dropped off at your agency please check the product temperature and close out the run on the application immediately which will record the ‘delivery’ time (critical element of food safety). After you have received the donation please rate your experience. This is how we gain feedback
      and make any necessary changes to our program. Please also verify that the
      pounds donated reflected on the app match the actual donation you received. If it
      does not match, please make the necessary changes so that they do.
  11. How do I sign up?
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