Food Runner Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can volunteer?
    • Anyone with a good driving record, valid driver’s license, auto insurance, a clean vehicle and meets the requirements specified in the volunteer agreement . Every volunteer will be given the necessary knowledge and food recovery materials needed to safely transport food from donor to recipient.
  2. Can a minor volunteer if they are with someone 18+?
    • We get many high schools students who will volunteer with their parents. This allows them to get volunteer credit if their high school requires it. Please contact the app administrator for any extra steps or forms that need to be signed in order to receive high school volunteer hours.
  3. What kind of commitment is it?
    • You may volunteer one time or you may volunteer weekly. As long as you have a couple hours to spare at any given time, you can help make a difference.
  4. How do I learn about food safety?
    • The Waste Not OC model includes a food safety program that will teach you all about food safety as it pertains to food recovery. You will be provided with food safety guidelines. Our Food recovery safety quiz will confirm you have the required knowledge to safely transport food as a volunteer food runner.
  5. How does the app match me to food donations?
    • Based on the location you set on your profile, the app will match you with a donor and recipient that are close enough to ensure donated food can be transported safely. However, you do have the option to accept or deny any food running request.
  6. Will I be supplied with food recovery materials?
    • Yes, Waste Not OC will provide volunteer food runners with the necessary supplies they need in order to recover and transport food safely.
  7. How do I sign up?
Download Volunteer Agreement
Download Volunteer Agreement (Miniors)

Food Recovery Enhanced Safety Handling Modules

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