Mike Learakos, Executive Director

Mike Learakos is a Foodservice professional with over 30 years of industry experience. In addition to his role as the President & co-founder of TJM, Inc. a broad spectrum foodservice company formed in 1993 which operates Katella Grill & Catering in Orange, Ca., Mr. Learakos also has a long history as a sales and marketing manager representing foodservice manufacturers, processors, facility designers and distributors.

In 2014, Mr. Learakos volunteered to head the Waste Not OC Food Recovery Pilot program becoming the full time Executive Director of Waste Not OC in September of 2016. As Executive Director of Waste Not OC, Mr. Learakos directs this public/private effort to end hunger and reduce food waste by working with healthcare providers, the foodservice industry, municipalities and waste haulers to identify and assist people suffering from food insecurity and to recover wholesome food destined for landfills and direct it to area food pantries serving those most in need.

Rachel Otair, Program Manager

Rachel Otair graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology. She learned the value of personal interactions and connecting all walks of life together to solve issues. She found a passion for the betterment of the community, making a difference, and building a career out of helping others. She worked at the Katella Family Grill where she learned how to create relationships in a short period of time, stay organized and on task to accomplish goals, and handle food properly. She interned for the Anaheim Family YMCA for 2 years in the Human Resources Department. With years of experience in the food service industry at the Katella Family Grill and the knowledge that she gained at the Anaheim Family YMCA, Waste Not OC was the perfect fit. Rachel Otair started at Waste Not OC in November 2016. She plans to assist Waste Not OC as they make a phenomenal impact in the community.